Dick Johnson (Stanton Hill)

Dick Johnson (Stanton Hill) was a professional boxer who was active between 1938 and 1954 and took part in 103 professional contests.

Boxing historian Miles Templeton can provide research on his ring career that will include: his detailed fight record; fight reports; handbills; souvenir programmes; a managers card; advertisements; images.

The research is presented in chronological order in a digital book of 122 pages. Each item is also provided separately.

The digital book is a pdf file ready for you to print off at home if you want to create your own display book. Alternatively it is print-ready for upload to an online publishing company where it can be professionally published in book form at a very reasonable cost. If you would like to have the digital book printed and would prefer not to do this yourself then we can oversee the production of the book on your behalf.

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