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Boxing historian Miles Templeton

British boxing historian Miles Templeton has dedicated over 40 years to historical boxing research. He holds comprehensive records for over 36,000 boxers: men who fought professionally in Britain between 1900 and 1983. It is, quite simply, the only record collection of its kind.

Miles has transcribed every result ever published in Britainís trade paper Boxing News (and its forerunner Boxing) along with many extra results sourced from provincial newspapers and scarce sporting publications such as The Mirror of Life and Boxing World and Sporting Life.

Top boxing historians Harold Alderman and Richard Ireland have helped enormously with tracing extra results, and together Richard and Miles continue to add to this vast records repository, leafing through crisp, yellowed newspaper volumes and trawling through endless reels of microfilm in pursuit of those precious unrecorded fight shows.

For information about your ancestor's boxing career look no further

If you have a boxing ancestor in your family tree and would like to learn more about his career, youíve come to the right place. Miles has helped over 1,500 boxers relatives during the last thirteen years, many of whom knew little or nothing about their ancestorís ring career. With the popularity of family history at an all-time high, more and more people are using Milesís services to find out more about their boxing forebears, and you can too.

Please bear in mind that the material that Miles provides relates solely to the boxing careers of these men, he cannot usually provide personal family information such as dates of birth, details relating to their immediate family or the addresses where they lived. For this infomation you are advised to seek the assistance of family history specialists. For boxing material, however, Miles is the expert.

Which boxers are covered?

You can search for a boxer in Milesís exhaustive records list to see if your ancestor is among them.

What you will get

The amount of information and material available varies from boxer to boxer, but usually Miles can offer:

*  A comprehensive fight record showing the details of every contest - view an example.

*  Fight reports from original newspapers - view an example.

For many of the boxers there is additional material such as:

*  High-resolution photo scans.

*  High-resolution handbill/poster scans - view an example.

The material is always available digitally and can be provided to you either via email, CD or a secure data sharing site such as dropbox.

Alternatively if there is sufficient material then I can compile a display book which makes a wonderful family keepsake ideal for birthday gifts and Christmas presents. view an example

How much does it cost?

Milesís research fee is dependent on the amount of material available and the time involved. To receive the material digitally (email, CD or dropbox) our prices range from £10 to £120. The price for a display book ranges from between £70 and £250.

How long will it take?

It takes between four and five weeks to produce the material depending on how much there is to uncover.

Get a quote or find out more

To receive a precise quote or find out more about the service email Miles or phone 07872 578 596 to discuss how he can help you.

Miles has assisted over 1500 families with boxing research during the last thirteen years.

TV and other research work

Along with assisting hundreds of families with research, Miles has acted as a boxing history consultant for a number of TV programmes and films, including BBC1ís 'Who Do You Think You Are', 'The One Show', 'The Heir Hunters' and 'Jack Doyle - A legend Lost'. He is an expert on British boxing for the period 1900-1980 and can be commissioned to undertake any form of research into the subject.

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