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Jock Taylor (Sidcup) reading The Old-TimerJock Taylor (Sidcup), who appears on the cover of 'The Old-Timer' Number 6.

The Old-Timer is the perfect magazine for the connoisseur of old-time boxing and has been published intermittently since 2007. Each issue contains a number of articles that examine various aspects of the history of boxing over the last 100 years. Though most of the articles are written by boxing historian Miles Templeton, there is an ever-expanding number of additional contributors.

The latest issue of The Old-Timer (Number 6) was published in April 2012.

Back issues

100 copies of Issue 1 were printed but have now all sold out. Between 150 and 200 copies each of issues 2 to 6 were printed and there are still some available. Back issues of The Old-Timer can bought for the usual price of 5 each, plus 1 postage and packing. The p+p cost reduces if you purchase more than one back issue.

View a PDF of The Old-Timer Number 1 (FREE)

Miles has recently updated all of the records from issues 1 to 5 and republished them online. You can view them all, along with records pertinent to issue 6, in our Boxers' records section.

Buy The Old-Timer

The Old-Timer costs just 5 per issue plus p&p. To order current or back issues email Miles Templeton or call 07872 578 596.

What will I get in an issue?

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